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WOW!!! Who knew I could lose 75lbs and keep it off?? Deanna’s holistic approach of combining emotional awareness, personal empowerment, nutritional guidance and fun workouts changed my body and my life! I feel in control of my appetite and my happiness for the first time ever. If you want to feel and look your best, call the weight shrink – you’ll be thrilled with the results!”   Andrea P - Santa Rosa, CA

At WeightShrink.com we know you’re looking for health, fitness and weight loss services that fit YOUR personal needs. We know “one size DOES NOT fit all,” and believe you deserve a program that meets all your health needs. That’s why we offer a variety of programs and services that can be tailored to assure you reach your specific weight loss and fitness goals.

If you’re one of the many, who struggle with food and desire weight loss, click on The Weight Shrink to learn about Deanna’s UNIQUE approach to weight loss. You can read about the numerous personalized and group weight loss programs, and individual coaching, and counseling options available.

If you would like to attend a transformative weekend workshop for women who are ready to end emotional overeating, and the weight gain associated with it, find out more about the workshop “The Forces that Shape Us”.

If you would like to know more about Deanna Wolfe, MA, CPT, owner of WeightShrink.com and Men’s Fitness Focus, or read about her unique philosophy and comprehensive approach to weight loss and fitness, click on About Deanna.

You can even check out the Calendar, Schedule an appointment, Sign up for the Newsletter or access the webs’ best weight loss blog, “Wrappin’ with the Weight Shrink” right here, right now (all coming soon).

Deanna’s background is impressive, but don’t miss the opportunity to hear firsthand what her clients have to say about their experiences, and the results they’ve achieved working with her… read it for yourself on the Results & Testimonies page.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight, get fit, and transform unhealthy habits, look no further - the answers, the programs, the body, and the healthy life you seek can be found right here at WeightShrink.com!
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